Frequently Asked Questions Academics


  • How do i submit my application?
    1Fill the application form on with your valid information. Ensure to double-check your information before submitting.
    2. In the attachment section, select your files by clicking “Upload file” button, then click the appropriate “Choose File” button for that field. Your uploaded file will display beside the field after a successful upload.
    3. Click on “Submit” button again to finalize your submission, after verifying all information are correct.
    4. You will see confirmation message upon successful submission and a confirmation email sent to you.
  • Is the application for Rivers indigenes only? For now, Yes.
  • Who do i address my application letter to?

The Chairman

Rivers State Senior Secondary Schools Board,

#4-6 Emekuku Street, D-Line, Port Harcourt.

  • When is the deadline? 
    DEADLINE IS 11:59PM 21/04/2023

What are the job requirements? Educationist only (Bachelors Degree in Education: – B.Ed, B.A (Ed), B.Sc (Ed), B.Tech (Ed), or PGDE and M.Ed.)  Click on the “method of application” button on to learn more.

  • Can i apply with incomplete documents?  Click on the “method of application” button on to know the minimum job criteria, and the required documents to upload.
  • How can i upload more than 1 degree? Scan and combine all your degrees into 1 document before uploading.
  • Why do i get errors while uploading my document? Ensure your document is in PDF format. Ensure it’s not larger than 300KB. Ensure the file name has only letters and/or numbers and remove all punctuations (e.g. Rename Sarah’s NYSC to Sarah NYSC).
  • Why do i get a “permission denied” error? Ensure your document is in PDF format. Ensure it’s not larger than 300KB.
  • Can i apply more than once because i made an error? No. you can send us an email to update your records.
  • Can i edit my application after filling the form? Yes, you can edit before your final submission. However, if you have already submitted with the final Submit button, you cannot edit your application.
  • What is CAPTCHA? It’s a mechanism to ensure only humans fill the form, and not bots.
  • I still need help after reading the FAQ Kindly email with your message, and include your BVN No. (Note that our reply may be delayed, due to large volume of emails we receive)